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Hi! I'm Olivia!

Trout Designs started when friends and family asked me to design their wedding invitations. With my background in architecture and design, I possessed the visual art skills and attention to detail needed to make something beautiful and well-crafted. After designing my first suite, I was hooked. I fell in love with the process of designing custom invitations and the creative freedom in expressing couples’ stories.

Today, from my little studio in sunny Sarasota,  I help couples’ dream up and create their one-of-a-kind wedding invitation suite. From initial sketches to the final product,  I work one-on- one with every client to ensure their wedding suite reflects their style, personality, and wedding aesthetic.

I believe that custom stationery sets the tone for your wedding, and would love to help make your dream wedding invitations a reality. 



Why "Trout"? Trout was my very first dog, a dachshund of course.


Bachelors of Architecture from Clemson University '13

Masters of Architecture from the University of Florida '17

Favorite food: Chicken 'n dumplings

Hometown: Dade City, Florida

Favorite movie: Nacho Libre

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